A couple more STÖMOL things

Just a couple of little nice things.

First, in response to a request, I’ve put the STÖMOL movie poster up on the MP for free. You can grab it here. If you should use it as part of a public installation, do let me know: I’d love to come and see it.


Second, would you like to come and watch STÖMOL in the theatre where we held the premiere? I’m leaving the movie on the YouTube player in The Nancy Redgrave Building until the end of August. Come stand on the red carpet, take your picture with the cutouts, and when you’re ready head on up to the theatre and watch the movie in style. Click on the screen to start the film.


Why not bring your friends and make a party of it? For afters, there’s a bar in the building and a pool on the roof. The perfect summer get-together.



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