HHAX 923 Copier

What does every mid-century office in Second Life need? A decent photocopier, that’s what. Search the marketplace and all you’ll find is these shiny newfangled devices. Who needs a hundred copies a minute, document sorting and automatic stapling when you can have a beige behemoth taking up a good-sized percentage of your square-footage, cranking out six smeary pages a minute, and hire a secretary* to do all that extra stuff?


The HHAX 923 Copier is a 3LI decorative item. No, you can’t sit on it and photocopy your butt. This is a piece of serious business equipment, dammit.


So there you go. I should be charging L$1000 per month for this, and extra for the service contract you’ll need when it breaks down every six weeks. Instead, you can grab it from the marketplace at the super-low price of just L$69. I know. I’ve lost my mind.

Click here to see it.


* Secretaries are available in all genders and ages.

3 thoughts on “HHAX 923 Copier

  1. “* Secretaries are available in all genders, ages, and species.”

    Fixed that for you. ;) Also, re the Marketplace listing, it’s Second Life; of *course* someone out there’s gonna want a house-sized photocopier. (I mean, really, why would you not?)

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