There’s one last thing for me to do on my STÖMOL tick list: publish a web page with the movie embedded. So here it is. Underneath the video below are a few additional musings which you have my permission to ignore completely.

It’s been a thrilling end to a long journey. When I started on this project I knew next to nothing about filming machinima and it all culminated, last night, in a Linden-hosted inworld screening attended by nearly a hundred people including five Lindens (yes, I counted them). I mean, wow. Sitting there and seeing the reactions to the film from all these people I’d never met was absolutely the cherry on the cake of this experience.

Last night’s inworld screening.

There’s been a buzz about this movie which I would never have imagined possible at the start. I’ve put a lot of work into promoting it, but then again I put work into promoting everything I do. This project caught the eyes of a small number of influencers that my previous work didn’t. I got lucky.

The attention has been hugely enjoyable, but my role in this movie’s life is now pretty much finished. It’s time for me to decide and then focus on my next project.

So I’ll sign off on this topic with some acknowledgements.

First, the visual look of STÖMOL was due in no small part to the content creators of SL and the assemblage artists who created the incredible installations that served as the sets of the movie. In a very real sense, then, this movie was created by the residents of SL.

Second, I’m indebted to my cast. When someone like me, who has zero reputation or track record for movie-making, asks if you would like to have a role in something like STÖMOL then you would be entirely forgiven for politely declining. Why should anyone give up hours of their time for something there is no evidence to suggest will actually be completed or any good if it actually is? Why should anyone stand around for whole evenings being told to repeatedly walk the same little strip of ground or type garbage endlessly into main chat just to make your avatar’s lips move? And yet, none of my cast members hesitated for a second to say yes, and not one of them complained about being told to do the same thing over and over. I would also like to thank the many extras who were mostly folk doing their own thing in various sims and had their peace disturbed by me bursting into their IM window to ask if they would mind me filming them or including them in a shot featuring other characters. Nobody said no.

A special thanks to Caitlin Tobias, who was part of that luck of mine I mentioned earlier in getting noticed. And nobody endured more the endless boredom of standing around doing nothing whilst I tried to figure out how to film something than she did.

Another special thanks to G J Hicks, my lifelong RL friend. His music brought a whole level of immersion to the movie that I simply could not have achieved without him. He might release a soundtrack album. If he does, I’ll let you know here.

A big thank you to Strawberry Linden, who responded so positively to Cait contacting her about the movie. One of the unexpected delights of this process has been getting to know her a little better and experiencing first-hand the genuine passion she has for SL and the creativity of its residents. Thank you also to Brett and Patch for suggesting and then organising the inworld screening.

And Thank you to Wagner James Au for noticing the very first post I made about STÖMOL and expressing an interest in it. His belief in the project contributed in no small way to me finding the determination to finish it.

Finally, a big thank you to everyone who has watched STÖMOL. As I write, it’s less than 48 hours since the release and already we’re well on our way to 1,000 views. That’s amazing. Thank you.

You’re still reading? Wow. A little something for you, then. Hidden on the internet are a few secret extras. But can you find them?

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