Metaverse and virtual reality novels by Huck


The AFK Series

Profile AFK series 2

AFK (2007)

Definitely Thursday, a Second Life® detective, is approached by an intelligence agency to infiltrate a new and sinister virtual world.

“Impressively insightful musings about virtual worlds.” (Dale Innis)

Free digital download. More…

AFK, Again (2013)

Step Stransky is dead and now all that Definitely Thursday – the remaining partner of the Step Stransky Second Life® Detective Agency – has to do is live with the fact of being his killer.

“How can a book based in and around SecondLife be so heartbreaking, and so thrilling?”
(Amazon review)

AFK, Indefinitely (2014)

Step Stransky is dead. And everyone knows now it was murder. And everyone knows now it was Definitely Thursday who murdered him. Can Thursday stay ahead of the law long enough to complete one last mission in the metaverse? More…

“The third book of the series, and again I’m left wanting more.” (Amazon review)

AFK, in Pursuit of Avengement (2015)

The metaverse is changing. And Definitely Thursday is struggling to keep up. Once a Second Life® detective, now her job is to find the online criminals who would use the metaverse to con, rape and murder. More…

“The explanation of the twist at the end of the previous book was pretty brilliant.” (Amazon review)

AFK, Awaiting (2017)

The fifth and final novel in the AFK series. Her partner has been shot dead and the murderer is coming for her next; meanwhile, her new cover is blown and the authorities are once more on her trail. The net is finally starting to close around Definitely Thursday. More…

“Excellent like the previous ones in the series.” (goodreads review)

AFK, All of it (2018)

All five novels of the ‘AFK’ series.
In the virtual world of Second Life®, Definitely Thursday is a metaverse detective. What starts off as a part-time job exposing cheating partners, however, becomes a hunt for real-life criminals as Thursday descends into the online world of murder, revenge and terrorism. More…

“If you were ever on SL, you need to read this!!” (Amazon review)

Other SL® novels

Be Right Back (2008)

Autumn 2008… Whilst the world’s financial markets collapse and the US elects its new President, one man enters into the virtual world of Second Life in a search of a real world killer. More…

“As someone who really enjoys SL but rarely gets the time to log on, I enjoy Huckleberry Hax’s novels immensely.” (Amazon review)

My Avatars and I (2009)

Ten conversations in Second Life®.
Eight avatars.
One woman, searching.
But searching for whom?  And why?

“I’ve been constantly repeating, even to strangers in world that everyone should read these books!(Amazon review)

Your Clothing is Still Downloading (20012)

What’s a guy to do when his best friend asks him to impersonate him for an evening in Second Life®?  What if the person his friend wants fooling is his wife?  And what if he’s fallen in love with her before the week is over? More…

“Everyone Who Has Ever Been in Second Life Should Read This Book” (Amazon review)


The Pink Dawn Series

Thank You for Afterlifing With Us (2021)

Jason awakes in the metaverse to discover he’s been dead for 30 years. Who has the millions he made in his singing career and what happened in the years between his brain scan and the car crash in which he died? More…

“A gripping and philosophical novel about the convergence of the real and the virtual life.” (Amazon review)

Virtual Thursday (2021)

Hidden in plain sight in buildings spread around the world: New Morecambe, a secret city populated with some of the world’s top scientists. Can Emma Kline, aka ‘Thursday’ (of the ‘AFK’ novels), infiltrate the city to steal its technology, a ground-breaking discovery which will change humanity forever? More…

Other metaverse novels

The Day is Full of Birds (2008)

1989.  Europe is poised on the brink of revolution; or is it?  Two decades later, the consequences of one small event have turned a world on the brink of peace into a world that is hurtling towards war.  More…

“A fascinating read, and a glimpse into the mind and motives of a ‘metaversian.'” (Amazon review)

SIM (2016)

A man awakes to find himself in a house, in a square region of land which is walled off on three sides by impenetrable glass and on the fourth by a black barrier. He is completely alone but for the occupants of three other houses, with whom he can only communicate via virtual reality.  More…

“I’m not sure what I just read, but once I started I couldn’t put it down.” (Amazon review)

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