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Once Upon a Time in Second Life®

A work in progress for several years now, Once Upon a Time in Second Life is a collection of long short stories set in our favourite virtual world. Two of them have been published on this blog.

The man who had an affair with his own wife

Len wants out of his virtual relationship with Swellen, but he doesn’t want to be the bad guy.

The man who dated his RL boss (without her knowing it)

Nicholas finds out his attractive line manager has an SL account, and tracks her down in the metaverse.

The Avatar Dining Club Mysteries

A series of short stories about The Avatar Dining Club, a group of metaversians who meet in real life each month for a meal and a virtual world mystery.

Alt out

Builder Raw Concrete has had his social alt outed by a friend. But how did she work it out? [Originally published on The Virtual Review.]

The impossible snapshots

Club host Edward brings a virtual guest to the meeting, a man who’s been caught in an affair by some photos that should have been impossible to take.

Two places at once

Peacemaker can’t work out how a friend of hers managed to be in two places in the metaverse at the same time. [Originally published on Virtual Writers’ World.]

Bot or not?

Jennifer’s guest asks the club for help in proving that an automated avatar is actually a human pretending to be a bot.

Is she a he?

Much to Edward’s dismay, Rainy’s guest demands evidence that her metaverse girlfriend isn’t a man in real life. [Originally published on The Virtual Review.]

Some fatal crossposts

Indigo recounts the toe-curling incident that introduced her to her business partner.

The Avatar Dining Club Mysteries PODCAST

Listen to the stories read by Huck:

The vanishing table

Board game maker Deadly Number seeks the group’s help in explaining the inexplicable disappearance of his Christmas table.

The missed appointment

Shoemaker Twenty-six Bournemouth can’t understand why his virtual world girlfriend thought he didn’t show up for a date. According to him, he absolutely did.

The gallery opening

Juniper July tries to figure out why a blog editor paid her for a review which he then never published.

The Apostrophian

Rainy September tries to work out why she’s heard nothing from Deadly Number, ever since his declaration of love to her.

The leaked secret

Celebrity metaverse blogger Emilia Checkpoint fumes over a friend’s apparent betrayal.

The Adventures of Hard Luck

Protecting Blackberry Pie

Luck is hired by an avatar who believes her metaverse husband is plotting to kill her in real life.

Did Dandelion Dickens die?

Fistsmasher Jenkins hires Luck to check out the apparent death of his virtual girlfriend… after he just paid her a considerable sum of money.

The suspicions of Violet Shrinking

Violet Shrinking hires Luck to follow her metaverse lover.

A night with Higgs-Boson

Luck is hired by a particle physicist to investigate a poltergeist.

If the right guy is listening

Luck follows his mark to a dance bar, in search of a password.

Double doubled doubled

Nightclub owner Honeycomb Crumbled hires Luck to check out her suspicion that her competitor is hiring people to act as her customers.

Death and the metaverse

A bullet with his name on it sends Luck on his last case ever, an investigation into the world of avatar death.