Virtual Thursday (2021) by Huckleberry Hax


Hidden in plain sight in buildings spread around the world: New Morecambe, a secret city populated with some of the world’s top scientists. Can Emma Kline, aka ‘Thursday’ (of the ‘AFK’ novels), infiltrate the city to steal its technology, a ground-breaking discovery which will change humanity forever?

Hax delivers again. Second Life takes a backseat in this suspenseful thriller that teases at the singularity and a possible digital future for humanity.” *****
(Amazon review)

THURSDAY IS BACK. Last seen in AFK, Awaiting, the former Second Life® detective returns, bringing her metaverse experience to a brand new mystery.

THE SECOND PINK DAWN NOVEL. Discover the early origins of the metaverse world described in Thank You For Afterlifing With Us.

Available formats:

Print:Paperback ISBN 978-1-7948-9236-1
Digital:PDF, ePub, Kindle (see below)

Amazon Kindle links: Due to the way that Amazon operates in different countries, it’s best if you obtain your copy of Virtual Thursday from your ‘local’ Amazon website:


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