My Avatars and I (2009) by Huckleberry Hax

Frank Roasted: So wait, let me get this straight…
Frank Roasted: Bradley – you’re a gay female in real life pretending to be male in order to attract a straight female…
Frank Roasted: Softly – you’re a straight male in real life pretending to be a gay female in order to attract another gay female…
Frank Roasted: And Suzette – you’re a gay male in real life pretending to be a straight female in order to attract a straight male.
Frank Roasted: Is that right?
Bradley Watson: Pretty much.
Suzette Waterchurch: Spot on.
Softly Spoken: Yeah.  I guess.
Suzette Waterchurch: And you, Frank?  What are you?
Frank Roasted: Me?  I’m confused.

Ten conversations in Second Life®.  Eight avatars. One woman, searching. But searching for whom?  And why?

From the author of ‘AFK’, a Second Life novel about love, dedication and 1970s furniture…

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4 thoughts on “My Avatars and I (2009) by Huckleberry Hax

  1. Well, I'm reading it now, and, despite my expectations being not too high in the beginning, I soon found it very entertaining. Smart and witty, some good laughs too. Because it's so true :3


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