AFK, Awaiting (2017) by Huckleberry Hax

Cover for blogI don’t know how long exactly I was out for. I think it was probably only two or three minutes. He didn’t waste any time. When I came round I found myself bound to a chair by cable ties at my wrists and ankles. It was a foldable metal deck chair: since I didn’t own any chairs with armrests, Mica had come prepared with his own furniture. That did not bode well.

THE FINAL BOOK OF THE AFK SERIES. The net is starting to close around Second Life detective, Definitely Thursday.

Read books one to four: AFK, AFK, AgainAFK, Indefinitely and AFK, in Pursuit of Avengement.

Available formats:
Print: TBA
Online: Issuu
 ePub: Smashwords: TBA Barnes & Noble: TBA Kobo: TBA

Amazon Kindle:
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