SIM (2016) by Huckleberry Hax

2016-cover-thumbjpgWhat if, one day, you woke up inside a virtual reality environment with no memory of your life before. How would you know if it was real?  

A man is in a house, in a square region of land which is walled off on three sides by impenetrable glass and on the fourth by a huge black barrier. He is completely alone but for the occupants of three other houses, with whom he can only communicate via virtual reality.

A new novella from Huckleberry Hax, author of the AFK Series.

Available formats:
Print: Paperback
ISBN 9781326722128
Online: Issuu FREE
 ePub: Smashwords (TBC) Barnes & Noble (TBC) Kobo (TBC)

Amazon Kindle:
Due to the way that Amazon operates in different countries, it’s best if you obtain your copy of ‘SIM’ from your ‘local’ Amazon website.
UK: USA: France: Spain:
Canada: Germany: Italy: Japan:

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