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I’ve been a citizen of the metaverse since March 2007, when I was born in Second Life.  I’m predominantly a writer of metaverse fiction and machinima, though I also dabble in virtual world photography and building.

On this website, you’ll find my virtual reality/metaverse novels, my articles on SL, and bits and pieces of my short stories and poetry.  And other stuff.  If you’re thinking it would give me great pleasure if you chose to buy one or more of my novels (in print, Kindle or ePub format), then I’m delighted to inform you that you’ve formed an accurate conclusion.  On the other hand, I some time ago formed a conclusion of my own: I’d far rather have my books experienced and enjoyed by others and not make a penny from them than go to my grave an embittered and undiscovered author. Yes.  Many of my novels, therefore, can be read online from these very pages.  All I ask – it’s really a teeny weeny request – is that if you read and enjoy one of my novels you tell at least one other person about it.  One very excellent way of achieving this is to drop a review in Amazon or Smashwords or Goodreads or any other web-based provider/reviewer of novels.  Or Facebook share.  Or tweet.  Or whatever social media is the current thing at the time of your reading this.

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You can find me online in the following places.  I know; it’s getting ridiculous.

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HHax Furniture and Accessories

Did I mention that I build too?  You can find my modest Marketplace store of 60s and 70s bits and pieces by clicking here.