Science fiction novels by Huck

The Pink Dawn Series

Thank You for Afterlifing With Us (2021)

Jason awakes in the metaverse to discover he’s been dead for 30 years. Who has the millions he made in his singing career and what happened in the years between his brain scan and the car crash in which he died? More…

“A gripping and philosophical novel about the convergence of the real and the virtual life.” (Amazon review)

Virtual Thursday (2021)

Hidden in plain sight in buildings spread around the world: New Morecambe, a secret city populated with some of the world’s top scientists. Can Emma Kline, aka ‘Thursday’ (of the ‘AFK’ novels), infiltrate the city to steal its technology, a ground-breaking discovery which will change humanity forever? More…

Love Is A Corrupted Data Stream (2023)

Trapped in a virtual world, unable to see or to touch the woman she is in love with, Emma Kline is catapulted 45 years into the future, where an underground resistance group wants her to penetrate the hidden inner chamber of a mysterious, unseen organisation. More…

Other SF novels

The Day is Full of Birds (2008)

1989.  Europe is poised on the brink of revolution; or is it?  Two decades later, the consequences of one small event have turned a world on the brink of peace into a world that is hurtling towards war.  More…

“A fascinating read, and a glimpse into the mind and motives of a ‘metaversian.'” (Amazon review)

SIM (2016)

A man awakes to find himself in a house, in a square region of land which is walled off on three sides by impenetrable glass and on the fourth by a black barrier. He is completely alone but for the occupants of three other houses, with whom he can only communicate via virtual reality.  More…

“I’m not sure what I just read, but once I started I couldn’t put it down.” (Amazon review)

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