Be Right Back (2008) by Huckleberry Hax

59698-brbfrontcoverreducedTuesday, 2 September. So I created a Second Life account today. Actually, I created two. First of all I created the identity ‘Marcus Foible’, but that was kind of done in haste. I spent about a minute on the decision. I thought, ‘What the hell does it matter what I call myself in this place?’ And then I was standing around in this place where they send you when you’re new, looking at all the names above the heads of others, and I thought, ‘Marcus? Marcus? Why the hell did I call myself Marcus?’

Autumn 2008: whilst the markets plunge and the US elects its new President, one man enters into a virtual world in a search for a real world killer.

Be Right Back is a Second Life novel from the author of AFK.

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Print: Paperback (445 Pages): £10.99 Hard cover (326 Pages): £14.99
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5 thoughts on “Be Right Back (2008) by Huckleberry Hax

  1. Hey, just wanted to say, after reading AFK on smashbooks, I had to come find the rest of your stories for more! I downloaded BRB and JSTYK, and they're at least as good as AFK! I love your style of writing, and I find it really draws me in and surprises me so many times, makes me happy or sad, and leaves me wanting more ;)
    Thanks for bringing such great books into the world! I'll be keeping an eye out for anything more you write, and once I get more money (I'm a broke student :P) I'll donate some money or buy one of your paperbacks!


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