The ‘AFK’ series

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“I found this series entirely by accident, I can’t even recall how, but I fell right into it. The story, the writing, the.. I don’t know words, they’re all fantastic. I almost wish they were a little worse so that I could put the books down now and then, make it last longer rather than shooting right through it. But it’s been such a ride. Recommended to anyone who loves virtual worlds, murder, mystery, romance, suspense, crime…” (Amazon review).

AFK (2007)

Definitely Thursday, a Second Life® detective, reflects on cases and confessions, on love, on anger, on understanding the virtual world as perhaps the greatest liberator there has ever been, and on falling for the oldest trick in the book, just the same…

“Impressively insightful musings about virtual worlds.” (Dale Innis)

Free to download in Kindle and ePub formats. More…

AFK, Again (2013)

Step Stransky is dead and now all that Definitely Thursday – the remaining partner of the Step Stransky Second Life® Detective Agency – has to do is live with the fact of being his killer.

“How can a book based in and around SecondLife be so heartbreaking, and so thrilling?” (Amazon review)

AFK, Indefinitely (2014)

Step Stransky is dead. And everyone knows now it was murder. And everyone knows now it was Definitely Thursday who murdered him. Can Thursday stay ahead of the law long enough to complete one last mission in the metaverse? More…

“The third book of the series, and again I’m left wanting more.” (Amazon review)

AFK, in Pursuit of Avengement (2015)

The virtual world is changing. And Definitely Thursday is struggling to keep up. Once she tracked down metaverse cheats; now her job is to find the online criminals who would use the virtual world to con, rape and murder. More…

“The explanation of the twist at the end of the previous book was pretty brilliant.” (Amazon review)

AFK, Awaiting (2017)

The fifth and final novel in the ‘AFK’ series.
Her partner has been shot dead and the murderer is coming for her next; meanwhile, her new cover is blown and the authorities are once more on her trail. The net is finally starting to close around Definitely Thursday. More…

“Excellent like the previous ones in the series.” (goodreads review)

AFK, All of it (2018)

A compilation of all five novels of the ‘AFK’ series.
In the virtual world of Second Life®, Definitely Thursday is a metaverse detective. What starts off as a part-time job exposing cheating partners, however, becomes a hunt for real-life criminals as Thursday descends into the online world of murder, revenge and terrorism. More…

“If you were ever on SL, you need to read this!!” (Amazon review)

The story of Definitely Thursday continues in Virtual Thursday (2021).

4 thoughts on “The ‘AFK’ series

  1. What a fantastic read! It doesn’t help my addiction to SL any, that I can read this at work, where I cannot log in to SL, and yet I feel like I am in SL, here at my desk, with a new bunch of interesting, (though slightly dangerous) friends.

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  2. I am not a writer but I enjoy reading. Thank Huckleberry for a truly enjoyable read. I was hooked from the very first page.. not unlike my addiction to Second Life since my first day inworld :)

    Liked by 1 person

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