Love Is A Corrupted Data Stream (2023) by Huckleberry Hax


Trapped in a virtual world, unable to see or to touch the woman she is in love with, Emma Kline is catapulted 45 years into the future, where an underground resistance group wants her to penetrate the hidden inner chamber of a mysterious, unseen organisation.

Hax delivers again. Second Life takes a backseat in this suspenseful thriller that teases at the singularity and a possible digital future for humanity.” *****
(Amazon review of ‘Virtual Thursday’).

THURSDAY RETURNS. Last seen in Virtual Thursday, the former Second Life® detective experiences the metaverse at a whole new level of existence.

THE THIRD PINK DAWN NOVEL. Continuing right where Virtual Thursday left off, Love Is A Corrupted Data Stream also runs parallel to the events described in Thank You For Afterlifing With Us. Learn about the history and the secret organisation controlling the Pink Dawn virtual world, where the dead continue their existence in digital form.

Available formats:

Print:Paperback ISBN 978-1-4478-0768-1
Digital:PDF, ePub, Kindle (see below)

Amazon Kindle links: Due to the way that Amazon operates in different countries, it’s best if you obtain your copy of Virtual Thursday from your ‘local’ Amazon website:


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