Articles about WAARHEID

WAARHEID is now released and can be watched for free on YouTube. Details here.

I’m going to collate here any articles and media about WAARHEID to keep them all in one place – kind of WAARHEID scrapbook, if you will.

Have you published a magazine or blog article about the movie, and would you like to see a link to it here? Let me know at

Articles since WAARHEID was released
(reviews, interviews, etc).

Items below are presented in date order.

Jess And Her Gentlemen: Waarheid | A Second Life Movie Premier
(17 Dec 2022)

Image by Sasha

“Waarheid was a fun sci-fi movie. The very fact that something so beautiful can be crafted and filmed inside of Second Life completely took me by surprise.”

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misshoneyrider1: WAARHEID Premiere and Afterparty highlights
(17 Dec 2022)

Ok, not an article, but a great little video about the premiere with some footage of the fantastic afterparty. A great souvenir for the scrapbook :)

Second Life Newser: Filmed in SL Movie “Waarheid” Priemers At Film Threat
(21 Dec 2022)

Image by Bixyl Shuftan

“Last week on Thursday December 15, the made in Second Life movie (or machinima) “Waarheid” premiered at the “Film Threat” theater. Scheduled to start at 10AM SL time, the 100 second countdown started at 10:30. There were over a hundred people in the sim.”

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SL Enquirer: Hello to Hollywood: WAARHEID, SL’s second full-length movie opens to critical acclaim
(8 Jan 2023)

Image by Josh (Thomas1 Bellic)

“Every once in a long while, someone comes along who combines all those forms of [SL] creativity into a full-length motion picture that rivals many of the animated feature films to come out of Hollywood. My guest today is SL-renowned author and filmmaker, Huckleberry Hax. I caught up with Mr. Hax at his home, where he graciously agreed to share with our SL Enquirer audience a behind-the-scenes look into the making of his second full-length feature film, WAARHEID.”

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FOCUS Magazine: Focus on MUSIC: WAARHEID
(3 Feb 2023)

As the end of 2022 was coming to a close, I found a remarkable event to attend in Second Life that I would love to share with youo all. The movie premiere, “Waarheid” takes you on a journey of suspense where the leading actress Waarheid is seeking revenge on her former love interest Stömol. As the FOCUS team music editor, I decided to sit down with the creator of the two feature films, Huckleberry Hax, to gain further clarity on the behind-the-scenes efforts in creating these motion pictures.

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Articles publicising WAARHEID
(stuff that came out before the movie – besides my own witterings).

Cait’s World: Filming WAARHEID, a look behind the scenes
(5 Nov 2022)

Image by Caitlin Tobias

“So in case you were wondering what I’ve been up to the past two years….the answer is: busy acting and posing for this movie. We also spent a lot of time scouting regions, outfits, props, poses, and animations and had a casting call for actors. Good times!”

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Second Life Featured News: World Premiere! Be the First to See WAARHEID and Meet the Cast on Lab Gab
(5 Dec 2022)

“We’re excited to announce that Second Life and Film Threat are partnering for the world premiere of WAARHEID, the sequel to STÖMOL, an award-winning feature-length sci-fi movie shot entirely in Second Life by machinima creator Huckleberry Hax! Watch it live with your fellow residents at a special virtual cinema screening event exclusively at the Film Threat venue in Second Life!”

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Cait’s World: My 15 seconds of fame?
(8 Dec 2022)

Image by Caitlin Tobias

“With the premiere in sight, next week, things are about to get real…”

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Strawberry Singh: My Oscar Moment Has Arrived! (no, not really)
(8 Dec 2022)

My Oscar Moment Has Arrived! (no, not really)

“Although I have done some small voice acting for Draxtor Despres in the past, filming WAARHEID was definitely an interesting experience for me.”

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Cait’s World: Countdown to the big night, and things you won’t see!
(15 Dec 2022)

Image by Caitlin Tobias

“Making a movie in Second Life is of course not just filming. It also means a lot of shopping, on the MP and inworld, many evenings were spent in stores around the grid, looking for that special item or animation.”

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Have you published a magazine or blog article about WAARHEID? Would you like to see a link to it here? Let me know at

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