Photos from WAARHEID: The Exhibition

WAARHEID: The Exhibition has just under a couple of weeks left to run before its last day on 31 January. In a similar spirit to my articles about WAARHEID page, I thought I’d collect here some of the photos taken (and published on Flickr) by visitors.

If you’d like to visit the exhibition before it closes, here is your taxi. Please feel free to take photos and/or film machinima at the exhibition. There’s a one hour autoreturn set for any objects rezzed there. Tag me in any Flickr photos you take there and I’ll include them in the Flickr group for the exhibition and select one also for this page.

As a final WAARHEID huzzah, I’ll be throwing a party on 27 January – the last weekend of the exhibition – with a DJ set put together by GJ Hicks (who wrote the music for the movie). This will take place in the cave at the exhibition. Full details will follow in a blog post next week.

And now for your photos.

JuJu Starr Too Cool for School

Too Cool for School

grady.echegaray Stömol´s Apartment-10

Stömol´s Apartment-10

Uriah / BALACLAVA!! 991


almira jose ~working


Galagan Raymaker In the Eye

In the Eye

Susietea Resident 2 What Are They Doing?

What Are They Doing?

anandaheart resident Hulta


Elise Moonstone Looks like it’s just you and me, Starman

Looks like it's just you and me, Starman.

Elemiah Choche WAARHEID the exhibition (2)

WAARHEID the exhibition (2)

Neeria de Sousa Waarheid – The Exhibition

Waarheid - The Exhibition

Special mention: polvere di gesso golden air

This isn’t a photo taken at the exhibition; rather it’s a picture of the Verity Certain set that I erected at Satyr club for the inworld premiere afterparty.

golden air

A note about the usage of these pictures. I’ve embedded here Flickr pictures where sharing has been allowed by the photographer. If you do not want to see your picture on this blog post, please let me know and I will remove it.

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