STÖMOL: Where and how to watch it

Ok folks, we’re almost there. Enough with all the promotion. It’s time to actually release STÖMOL.

Here’s how you’ll be able to watch the movie from Thursday onwards. Please note, these details are a tiny bit different from those I gave in last Friday’s Lab Gab. The main difference is that, for the first 24 hours, the movie will be available via New World Notes rather than my YouTube channel (doing it this way just gives me one less thing to think about on Thursday).

Thursday 23 July

You will  be able to watch STÖMOL exclusively on New World Notes from 3:10pm SLT onwards.

Click the link and hit refresh at 3:10pm.

At the same time as this, we will be holding the private premiere event inworld.

Congratulations to New World Notes competition winners AvaJean Westland and Erik Mondrian, who both won a free ticket to this event.

Friday 24 July

As announced on Lab Gab last week, and in collaboration with Linden Lab, a large scale screening of STÖMOL will be held inworld at 3pm SLT at Town Hall Island.

This will be a huge, four region venue with a capacity of about 200 people, so all are welcome. You will need to be in the latest version of the official viewer to watch the movie. The event will be attended by the cast of STÖMOL and also a number of Lindens. There will be a short Q&A session also.

The Town Hall Island venue. It’s huge!

I’m really excited about this event – a total first for me in my 13 years of SL – and hope to see you there.

Just prior to this event, STÖMOL will be released for public viewing on YouTube.

Saturday 25 July

I will release a blog post here with the movie embedded.

The movie will also be left on permanent play in The Nancy Redgrave Building.

And that, as they say, will be that. It’s been quite a journey over the last 18 months, and I’m delighted that the finish line looks so good. I really hope you enjoy the movie.

If you do, please consider giving it a like on YouTube (and comments are great too). Or comment on this blog. Or drop me an IM inworld. Whether or not I go on to make more movies in SL depends in no small part on encouraging comments like this. They motivate me and give me energy. This is, after all, a hobby I choose to do in my evenings.

I’l be around in SL next week, but after that I plan on taking a few weeks off over August. In September, I’ll get back to finishing the serialisation of ‘Thank You for Afterlifing With Us‘ and add the final parts to my guide to making machinima in Second Life. And, as always, some other stuff.

Have a great summer. Stay home as much as you can.

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