My building in others’ photos


A while back I posted about my new, 23 prim, six floor building that I’d put on sale on the Marketplace.  I wasn’t really expecting it to sell – especially seeing as how it isn’t mesh – but then again it was a labour of love for me and I did price it at only $L49. So it turns out I have sold a few copies.


I was especially delighted to see recently these wonderful photos above and below of my build from Amona Savira on Flickr. Amona has captured the ‘open spaceness’ of my building in these images much better than any attempt of my own. It was a real treat to come across them.


I’ve placed a customised version of the building over my own land as the newest version of my ‘Nancy Redgrave Building‘.  I haven’t blogged properly about this yet because the interior fittings aren’t quite complete for all floors (the recent increase in prim allowance is for sure going to help with that), though anyone who would like to is welcome to visit.


One such visitor a few weeks back was Caitlin Tobias, who created a stunning series of pictures of the 70s office space I’ve put together for the first floor.


Cait’s images really embody the sense of colourful fun I want this floor to have, and include a cheeky look inside the ‘Computer Room’.  Mind those spools now Cait; that’s valuable data there.


Cait also took a series of pictures (one is below) recently inspired by my novella, SIM. You can read her thoughtful review of the book here.


If you should visit the Nancy Redgrave Building – or purchase the building shell from my Marketplace Store – and post pictures of it to Flickr, do let me know about them (the best way is to tag me in the photos, but sending me an email or a message inworld is also fine).

One thought on “My building in others’ photos

  1. Reblogged this on Cait's World and commented:
    What a lovely surprise, Huckleberry Hax used some of my photo’s in his blogpost about his ‘Nancy Redgrave Building’ ! A true 70’s office, wonderful for photoshoots or just sitting and contemplating the good old times!


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