Back to building


What I want to do right now is build.

I’m nowhere near being any good at mesh yet; I just don’t have the patience to learn it this moment.  I watched a whole bunch of Blender tutorials and made that first ever mesh flying saucer that probably everyone does.  I started making a mesh version of an audio cassette because I love just about every single element there is to 60s and 70s audio-visual technology, but it looked pretty bad in a cheap, sort of plastic sort of this-will-get-screwed-up-before-even-the-first-ten-plays kind of way.  Plus it had a huge land impact.


I do have a pretty good prim-to-mesh conversion system that I’ve used on some of my furniture builds in the past.  But that’s only really any good for furniture sized items or smaller.  Big prim builds actually seem to go up in LI when converted.

And, right now, I want to build big builds.

So here’s my first big build: a six floor, 55m tall tower block constructed from 23 honest-to-goodness prims.  You heard: 23.  Because big beautiful builds don’t have to be resource hogs.  No.


You can even buy it here.  It’s my first ever Viewer Managed Marketplace product.  I’m going to be using this building.  It will replace The Nancy Redgrave Building, the public space I’ve had on my land for over five years now.

I’m not done building, though.  Not this time.  I’m going to build some more.

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