Introducing the Pink Dawn series

On Wednesday this week, I’ll be starting a six-part serialisation of the first few chapters of my new novel, Virtual Thursday, which will then launch on Wednesday 1 December.

Virtual Thursday is two things. First, it’s a continuation of the story of Emma Kline aka ‘Thursday,’ the protagonist of my AFK series of novels. The AFK novels are all set in and around Second Life, however Virtual Thursday takes her in a new direction. It’s set in 2018 and follows Thursday as she attempts to infiltrate a hidden virtual city.

That direction is Pink Dawn, a metaverse world I introduced in the novel Thank You For Afterlifing With Us. Afterlifing is set forty years into the future and Pink Dawn is a world part-populated by avatars driven by the brain scans of people who have died in real life. The second thing that Virtual Thursday is, then, is a prequel (of sorts) to this novel.

But it’s also a prequel to the book I’m currently working on right now, Love is a Corrupted Data Stream, which further extends the concept of Pink Dawn and which takes place at about the same time as Afterlifing. If any of you who have read Afterlifing (it was published previously as ‘Beside an Open Window’; I updated the title this year) and are still wondering what happened in that book to the character of Fayla, Love is a Corrupted Data Stream will answer that question.

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