Interview with Saffia Widdershins

I was interviewed on Monday evening at Fantasy Faire 2021 by Saffia Widdershins. It was a wide-ranging conversation which I enjoyed very much, and included questions (both from Saffia and the audience) on why I choose to write under my avatar name, why I choose not to pursue ‘traditional’ publication routes (and the work that goes into self-publishing), the difficulties facing new residents in SL (and how my post last year for beginners was my most read post), what makes SL special, and how virtual worlders might differ in their perspectives from non-virtual worlders. There’s also a bunch of stuff about filming STÖMOL in there, including a nugget of special news about my current main machinima project.

Happily, the interview was recorded, and you can listen to it all below. Apologies for a few mic cut-outs from me. Also, you might want to jump in at 5 minutes and skip the whole issue of me trying to figure why my eyes are glued shut.

Last night, a special screening of STÖMOL was held at the Faire, and on Saturday (at 2pm) I’ll be doing a live reading of a piece of my work (here). The question I’m pondering right now is… what should I read?

Any suggestions?

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