Fading Mask


The new exhibition at Berg by Nordan Art includes this fabulous, sim-sized installation by Haveit Neox.  ‘Fading Mask’ consists of a central structure in an infinite golden sea and surrounded by well over a hundred figures; everything appears crafted out of printed paper in a way that makes me think immediately of papier mâché activities at primary school.


A poem written by the artist and provided by means of a description of the exhibit (collect it on a notecard from the main gallery) suggests (to me) that it concerns the human need to create ‘truth’ through the telling and affirmation of stories:

we concoct the truth, don’t we, rather than see it
then we march with the like-minded to affirm our stories


There is a machinima of the piece created by Haveit that can be viewed at https://vimeo.com/150317187.  It includes a quite hauntingly beautiful electronic soundtrack – strongly evocative, for me, of Orbital – which Kate Bergdorf is currently hoping to provide on stream for visitors to Berg by Nordan Art for the duration of the exhibition.  I had it playing on repeat in the background whilst I made my own visit, and it was aweseome.


It’s very difficult to convey in words any sense of the piece beyond this, except to say that it’s a quite stunning thing to visit, one which you just want to stand in and absorb, one which makes me look forward even more to the day I get my Oculus Rift and get to step inside huge creations like this.


For more information about the exhibition, see here.

2 thoughts on “Fading Mask

  1. Thanks for this Huck, great post! Yeah, I’ve spoken to several people who are doing what you did, simply play and replay the Haveit music Vimeo. But I’ll still try to see if we can get his music on the stream, would of course be much better. :)

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