Huckleberry Hax virtual world photography


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Light is a gift. We should stop to enjoy everything it touches. Nothing is anything other than beautiful if you look at it closely enough. Look at everything. See it all. Think about running your fingers across the surfaces. Think about the first sound you would hear if you were in the place of that picture. Think about the taste in your mouth. Think about smelling the model’s skin. I’ve been taking pictures in the virtual world since 2007. I upload regularly to Flickr and occasionally create machinima. I post blog entries with my photographs. I enjoy experimenting with light sources and shadows, and particularly like photographing things from the mid 20th century, including buildings, clothing and electricals. I want for my pictures to say things about the people in them or the people who made the things depicted. Everything artificial was designed by a human being. Even the stuff you buy from dollar stores says something tangible about the once world of its creator.


The virtual world is a real place so long as we agree that it is. You don’t even need an Oculus Rift. Remember, most of the things we believe about the real world is only stuff we’ve agreed on. Everything is socially constructed. Everything evolves. Nothing is permanently true.


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