A Second Life challenge: create a video poem

I’ve never issued a Second Life challenge before, largely because I suspect my status in the SL-sphere isn’t impactful enough to create much more of a mildly amused/mildly bored eye-roll in response to such endeavour. But I figure this one can be open-ended enough that it might gain a few responses before the current decade is out.

So here we go: your challenge is:

  • Write a poem.
  • Film yourself in SL performing it.
  • Post a link to your video in the comments below.

I did a couple of these myself recently (here and here, and also below) and plan on doing more. Listening to a poem being read by its writer can add a whole extra layer of meaning to the words. Plus it’s good short-form content that shows off SL at one of its oldest and best-established functions: as a performance venue. I was delighted when Maximillian Kaestner contacted me inworld recently to tell me these two poems of mine had inspired him to make his own video poetry recording. You can watch it here. It’s fabulous.

Of course, I’m not claiming to have invented this format. Feel free also to link in below any video poems you’ve previously created. And I realise it’s possible someone else might have previously issued this exact same challenge, in which case: soz.

If you don’t know how to film in SL, I’ve created a series of tutorials on this very topic (including links to free tools), which you can access here.

It occurs to me that we should perhaps identify a new word – something #hashtaggable, I guess – to describe these creations. Voem? SLoem? AVoem? I’ve created a poll below – another first for this blog! If you have your own word idea, drop it in the comments and I’ll add it to the poll. I will not be accepting ‘Poemy McPoemface.’

My previous video poems:

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