WAARHEID: TRUTH HUNTER is an exhibition of new pictures I’ve created featuring Waarheid, the vigilante featured in STÖMOL and its upcoming sequel, WAARHEID.

Caitlin Tobias reprises her role as Waarheid for the sequence, which depicts images of the lone hunter’s life before the events depicted in STÖMOL. There is also an appearance by Mich Michabo, reprising her role as The Quill.

The exhibition runs from today, 18 December, until 19 March 2022, and is on display at the The 22 Gallery, run by Ricco Saenz and Randy Firebrand. It’s part of a larger cyberpunk-themed event which also features a joint exhibition of imagery by Wicca Merlin and Ricco Saenz called Electric Sheep.

You can read Ricco’s write-up of WAARHEID: TRUTH HUNTER here.



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