Huck’s 70s Office Christmas Party

If you’re of a certain age in the UK then nothing quite says Christmas like a few bits of scraggly silver tinsel. Today’s plump, full-bodied, multi-colour garlands that uncoil gracefully out of their cardboard box in December and drape themselves seductively in perfect loops from your picture frames are just too damned smug for their own good. And before that, there were the paper chains, which you really didn’t want to reuse after their first year (but you often ended up doing so anyway because you just couldn’t face the prospect of licking all that glue again).

Yes, despite all the blinding evidence to the contrary, I continue to cling to my stubborn belief that the 70s were fab. It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I was a child back then and even in that tired, worn-out, filthy decade, things still looked exciting from the perspective of a youngster who didn’t have to pay bills and got his meals cooked for him every day. I mean, offices were orange. Orange! What’s not to like about that?!

Which brings us to the annual event you’ve all been waiting for: Huck’s 70s Office Christmas party!

Yes, it’s that time of year again: cheap decorations, cheap booze, cheap snacks, and inevitably more stains and crumbs on the woefully cheap carpet tiles. And let’s not forget the cheap pick-up lines made under the extremely sad-looking spring of mistletoe (it’s basically rotting).

The tinsel’s been untangled and given a quick ironing. The fairly lights have been tested, one-by-one, to find the bastard bulb that’s defective. The baubles have rolled across the floor, gotten stepped on and then gotten stepped on again in bare feet when we thought all the shards had been swept up. The Xerox machine’s been thoroughly sanitised and stocked with fresh paper and toner.

Past party merriment

Once again, our DJ will be DJ Ylva, spinning her unique blend of Christmas tunes.


Date: Saturday 11 December
Time: 3pm – 5pm SLT
Dress code:
FIRST HOUR: Family-friendly, festive fun
SECOND HOUR: Seasonal sauciness
Taxi: The Nancy Redgrave Building (upon arrival, take the teleporter in the entrance foyer to the “Office” then come up the stairs to the party area.)

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