Ode to gacha

They say you were a harmless thing, a little bit of fun.
Yet the times that I enjoyed you can be said to equal none.
I guess I did not realise I was paying for a game.
I thought I wanted just to buy a pretty picture frame.

I did not want the lampshade or the 80s Rubik’s cube.
I did not want the ashtrays or the jar of flavoured lube.
I did not want three copies of the ‘hand embroided’ pillow.
But still I have them, just the same. And an ornate weeping willow.

I bought half a fitted kitchen; all I wanted was a toaster.
I bought seven coffee tables; all I wanted was a coaster.
It took me sixteen tries to get that gorgeous orange velvet chair
and fourteen further purchases to make it to a pair.

Oh gacha, Now I’m worried that I missed out on enjoyment.
I did not spot this fundamental point to your employment.
I knew it couldn’t be just that creators had got greedy.
I guess my hope to buy one thing was just me being needy.

And, now your days are over due to laws regarding loot,
it’s back to buying just those things our empty spaces suit.
No more spending Lindens on the things we don’t require.
I know – it sounds bizarre – we’ll only buy things we desire!

Forgive me my small pleasure in your ending, my dear gacha.
It’s just a bit of harmless fun I like to have. (Backatcha.)

Confused by the gacha ban?
Check out Ryan Schultz’s comprehensive post and updates here.

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