Thank You For Afterlifing With Us – Come to the launch party and get a free copy

If you’ve been following my blog, you might know that I decided just over a year ago to give my novel, ‘Beside an Open Window,’ a bit of an update. This includes a title change to ‘Thank You For Afterlifing With Us.’ It’s a novel about a digital afterlife called ‘Pink Dawn.’ I ran a serialisation of one half of the novel in the following months and I’ve now finished updating the other half. The book will launch on Saturday, and will be available in Kindle, PDF and print versions.

To celebrate, we’ll be holding a party in world at my place, The Nancy Redgrave Building. All are welcome. And if you do pop by during the party, you can pick up a special free PDF copy of the novel. It’s special because it’s signed by me. Yes. Follow the SLURL above, use the teleporter in the foyer to get to the lounge and the free copies can be found on the bar. They will *only* be available during the party, which will run from 3pm until 5pm SLT.

I’ll be doing a reading from the novel in voice during the party, but don’t worry – I’ll keep it short. For the rest of the time DJ Ylva will be keeping us in great tunes to dance to.

So, to summarise:

Date: Saturday 29 May 2021
Time: 3pm SLT to 5pm SLT
Music: DJ Ylva
Venue: The StoshChuckles Bar at the Nancy Redgrave Building

All are welcome!

A note/rant/apology about this novel

‘Thank You For Afterlifing With Us’ is now the first in a new series of novels about a fictional digital world called ‘Pink Dawn.’ I have a couple of further novels planned for this series – one is now in its second draft and the other is about halfway through its first draft.

As I said earlier, this book was first published under the title ‘Beside an Open Window.’ The reason for the title change was, basically, because I now think this was a rubbish title which did very little to communicate what the story was about. I also wanted to use this opportunity to make a few changes here and there, including a couple of changes to make the book fit the continuity of the new ‘Pink Dawn’ series.

In an ideal world, I would have uploaded the new novel to the same Amazon page as the old one, just changing the title and keeping the great reviews I had there. In fact, this is exactly what I did do. A day later, however, I got an email from Amazon saying, “Nope.”

Their argument was that it would confuse people to see a novel that was mostly the same content but with a different title, that their concern was customer based. That doesn’t make sense to me at all. If you had never read the novel then you’re not likely to be confused because you won’t know that it was once published under a different title. The only people who might have been confused would have been those who had already bought it from Amazon and discovered it had changed – but then they could just have updated their Kindle copy and gotten the new version for free (which is exactly what I wanted them to be able to do).

I did reply to Amazon pointing this out, but I never got a reply. So in the end I went with their suggestion: I deleted ‘Beside an Open Window’ and uploaded ‘Thank You For Afterlifing With Us’ as a separate title (with a warning in the description giving the title it was previously published under). I’m not happy about that, because people who bought the previous book will now have to buy it again if they want the new version. I’m really sorry about this if you are one of these people.

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