Fantasy Faire events

The 2021 Fantasy Faire opened yesterday, a visually stunning 21 region event that showcases some of the best design in SL. As I write, it’s 6:30am SLT, about half an hour to go before the day’s events get going, and there’s nearly 300 people wandering around already. I can’t quite work out why the beautiful work of Fiona Fei (who has designed Líng xiāo lóng 灵霄龙, pictured above, the sim to be used for the Literary Festival part of the Faire) isn’t splashed across the home page of Second Life right now. Instead, they’ve gone for an RL model painted blue and hanging on a wire. Hmm.

I’ll be taking part in a number of events at the Faire this year. On Monday 26 April at 2pm SLT I will be interviewed live in voice by Saffia Widdershins. On Wednesday 28 April at 3pm SLT there will be a showing of STÖMOL, my sci-fi movie filmed entirely in SL. And on Saturday 1 May at 2pm SLT I’ll be doing a live reading. All events will take place at the Dragon’s Dreams Cave in Líng xiāo lóng 灵霄龙,.

The Fantasy Faire is run to raise money for the Relay For Life of the American Cancer Society. There are plenty of donation kiosks dotted around every region for you to donate if you have a few lindens to spare.

Meanwhile, for a taster of the range of regions to be experienced at the Faire, check out the promo video by Caitlin Tobias below.

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