PODCAST: The Avatar Dining Club Mysteries – Episode 2: THE IMPOSSIBLE SNAPSHOTS

Episode two of The Avatar Dining Club Mysteries. Each episode is an audio recording of me reading one of my short stories about a group of metaversians who meet in real life for a monthly meal and a mystery.


Takin has been caught in an indiscretion in the metaverse, and finds pictures of it plastered all over his now ex-girlfriend’s social media feed. The one thing he can’t understand is how anyone was able to take these pictures. With his security settings, it should have been impossible. Can the club work out how this was done?

How to listen.

You can listen to the YouTube version below or pick up the podcast version at:

Buy the book

If you’d like a copy of the stories in book form, just click here for details on how to obtain a collection of the first 12 Avatar Dining Club Mysteries, in either PDF, Kindle or print format.

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