PODCAST: The Avatar Dining Club Mysteries – Episode 1: ALT OUT

Here’s a new thing (for me): a podcast. Today sees the release of the first episode of season one of The Avatar Dining Club Mysteries. Each episode is an audio recording of me reading one of my short stories about a group of metaversians who meet in real life for a monthly meal and a mystery. I’ll be releasing one episode every Tuesday for the next six weeks and, if people enjoy it, release a second season later in the year.


Raw Concrete is a builder in the metaverse, but he also maintains an alternative account for socialising. He hasn’t told anyone about his two accounts, and yet one of the friends he knows in both accounts has managed to work out he is both of these avatars. How did she manage to do it?

How to listen.

You can listen to the YouTube version below or pick up the podcast version at:

Buy the book

If you’d like a copy of the stories in book form, just click here for details on how to obtain a collection of the first 12 Avatar Dining Club Mysteries, in either PDF, Kindle or print format.

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