HHAX 70s office cubicles

Remember offices? They were these big buildings that we used to work in. Sort of like houses, but larger. In recent, pre-covid years – particularly if you were a public servant and even thinking about extra space or a larger desk was tantamount to stealing the food out of taxpayers’ babies mouths – they’d become crammed, noisy spaces, where the maximum amount of concentration achievable was about that required of the reply-to-all message to the email that accidentally got sent to everyone in the department, saying, “This got sent to me in error.” But, once upon a time, a modicum of space and distraction-free working was an actual thing in the workplace. And, in the 70s, these chin-high workspaces even came in groovy colours.

Behold, the HHAX 70s office cubicles: the latest product in my range of retro office stuff that incudes a photocopier that no-one’s bought yet, an executive desk and a desk intercom that a small number of people have bought, and a ring file that’s been providing me with a small, but surprisingly steady flow of Lindens for about the last two years now (I really should increase the price of that, but I’m just too nice to do that sort of thing). These sturdy office dividers come with their own range of desk, shelf and cupboard furniture, each piece weighing a tiny 0.5 in land impact, so you can mix and match to your heart’s content. Everything is copyable and modifiable, so if you really can’t stand those colours, then you can change them. Just don’t tell me you did so.

And the cost? A mere L$99.

Interested? More details here.

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