SUPERNOVA Digital Animation Festival gets underway

SUPERNOVA 2020: World On Fire had its launch party on Saturday and the film festival is now well and truly underway.

The digital animation festival, now in its fifth year, will run over the next 12 days. You can browse the full schedule here: it’s a packed programme, with events taking place both online and in the festival’s home city, Denver.

As you’re probably aware, my movie STÖMOL was accepted as a festival submission last month, and has been entered into the festival’s competition programme. The festival website describes the competition programme – by no means its only element – thusly:

Supernova’s Competition program is the focal point of the annual festival boasting significant cash prize awards, determined by special guest jurors, who represent the vanguard of the digital motion-art and animation community. Animations selected for the competition are chosen for a variety of reasons including: profound artistry, ambition, boldness, overall resonance or fearless approach to utilizing digital techniques. The competition adheres to no specific genre, but simply represents a well rounded selection of the best of all submissions that display a diverse approach to the field and a strong instinct for the medium.

The competition programme entries (listed here) can all be viewed online from 19 September via the festival’s video streaming service, There is a cost to this service, but at $1.99 per month it’s hardly going to break the bank (if you’re only interested in the festival content, you only need it for one month) and it comes with a ton of unique and stimulating content. Also, you get a free 7 day trial.

If you’re unsure about paying, there’s plenty to view for free also to whet your appetite. This includes many of the trailers for the festival submissions (here), artist interviews (here) and previews of the many other programmes (here). Check out, for example the, video introducing the competition programme here.

STÖMOL is one of two feature-length entries in the competition programme, but not the only Second Life machinima in the festival. There are also entries by residents Erik Mondrian and Tizzy Canucci. To get a sense of the sheer number and diversity of artists taking part in the festival, take a look at ‘Hi My Name Is….‘, a video where all the artists say hello (can you spot me?).

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