More STÖMOL merch: pop art posters

Following the release of my STÖMOL lifesize cutouts – which are actually selling, believe it or not (I know! I couldn’t believe it either!) – I’m today launching the second of three sets of inworld movie merch. For the pop art poster I set myself the challenge of creating an image in primary colours, and the result can be seen above.

Actually, my original reason for creating the image was for the packaging for the third of my three sets of inworld merch, to be announced in a couple of days (and which I can promise will take this insanity to new and dizzying heights), but when I showed it to my friend Marina Münter she liked it so much she suggested I use it also for a poster. So here it is.


As with the cutouts, these are limited quantity. I’ve put up on the marketplace 80 unsigned versions at L$29 and 20 signed versions at L$49. Yes. Also as with the cutouts, all posters are mod, no copy, transfer enabled.

And, just so you know, I will also be gifting a small number (still no copy) to friends (up to 40 of the unsigned version and up to 10 of the signed version).

So there you go.

And here are your Marketplace links:

Signed version

Unsigned version

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