STÖMOL merch (yes)

If you think this is bonkers then you’re probably right. But I’m feeling celebratory. After all, creating STÖMOL took up nearly 18 months of my life (ok, I did squeeze in the day job during that time and quite a bit of other stuff besides). And, when it comes to SL purchasable stuff, there is always the option to shake your head in disbelief and, you know, not purchase it.

And, with the movie finally finished and uploaded to YouTube all ready for its premiere on 23 July, I have to find something to do with my time besides doing the subtitles and getting my place all spruced up and ready for the premiere and deciding on the invitation list and the HUGE job of sending all the invites out and keeping track of the RSVPs (ok, so Cait’s doing that) and contacting various people about the movie to promote it (ok, Cait’s doing that too).

A word about the premiere event. It will be held inworld on 23 July at 3pm SLT. I’m afraid it’s an invitation only event since the capacity of the sim is just 44 people – and there’s a lot of people who helped out with the movie who we want to thank through an invitation. But what we’re aiming to do is to show the movie inworld at the same time that it premieres on YouTube, so you should still be able to watch along. I say this is what we’re aiming to do, but keep in mind that this is the first time I’ve ever premiered anything on YouTube, so it’s all new territory for me. At some point over the next couple of weeks, however, I’ll be hitting the start button on the countdown timer on YouTube and publishing the movie URL so that everyone knows where to go for when the timer hits zero. So stay tuned.


So merchandise. Yes. Over the next week, I’ll be releasing various bits of merch into my marketplace store. These items will all be no copy but transfer enabled, and they will be limited in quantity. Yes, I’m trying to create virtual collectors’ items here.

Today I’m announcing the STÖMOL lifesize cutout range, available right now. There are 100 of each of the seven main movie characters (Epi Stömol, Waarheid, Verity Certain, The Quill, The Eye, Istinito and Adevarul) and you can pick each one up for just L$29. Once they’re gone they’re gone – though, for the sake of transparency, I should add that I’ll be gifting an additional number (up to 50 of each character, also no copy and transfer enabled) to various people.


What will they be worth in six months’ time. Probably L$29 – but you never know! At least you’ll have something that very few other people will have. That’s something. Right?

You can browse the range here. Enjoy!


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