Stömol backstage, more behind the scenes!

Originally posted on her blog last month (except the reblog button wasn’t working back then), Cait presents a few more insights (and complaints) about life on set filming Stömol.


Cait's World

If you follow me, or Stömol movie director Huckleberry Hax, on social media you may have seen the reveal of the official movie poster as well as a new preview video-clip aired on NewWorldNotes earlier this week!

Yes, the premiere is coming close – if all goes well and to plan, the release will take place in July 2020! Huck is currently working his ass off, adding the voices and soundeffects to the scenes, which means all actors are done with their work! Most of them are now enjoying their free time and all they have to worry about is ‘what to wear on the red carpet!’. Which reminds me, I have to go shopping for a smashing outfit too!

As promised I will show you some backstage secrets, luckily I always had my camera with me during filming and in between shoots, and when Huck was not paying…

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