Starting this week: “Thank You For Afterlifing With Us”

I’ve just finished binge-watching ‘Upload,’ on Amazon Prime. This fantastic series concerns the story of a guy who dies and has his brain uploaded to a digital heaven.

This is a concept I’ve been thinking about for the last ten years or so. My novel, ‘Beside an Open Window’ has a very similar theme and follows the story of a famous singer who dies in a car crash and awakens in a digital afterlife thirty years later. I consider it my most accomplished novel and, although it’s now ten years since I wrote it (I published it in 2014), I’ve always planned on returning to that world. In fact, I wrote the first of a series of novels to link to it back in 2018 (though I haven’t published that yet).

Over the last couple of years, I’ve been toying with the idea of doing an updated version of that novel with a new name. I came up with ‘Uploadead’ last year (like ‘uploaded,’ but with ‘dead’ – see what I did there?), but now that ‘Upload’ has been such a big success, I think I’ll avoid that. I don’t want to get sued or anything.

Instead, I’ve decide to call the new version ‘Thank You For Afterlifing With Us.’

I’m going to serialise an abridged version of it, with the first part coming this week. What you’ll get is about 50% of the novel, though it will feel like you’re reading a complete story. This is because the novel follows the story of two main characters – the chapters alternate between them – and I’ll be presenting just one of these characters in my serialisation. In fact, the two stories do intertwine right at the end, but that overlap is only apparent from the other character’s story. At the end of the serialisation, I’ll publish the new version of the book and, if you desire, you can buy it to read the other half. If you really can’t wait until then, ‘Beside an Open Window’ will remain on sale (here), though be aware there will be a few details here and there which will be changed in the new version. BAOW will be retired once the new version is published.

So stay tuned for some transhumanism fiction, coming soon…


One thought on “Starting this week: “Thank You For Afterlifing With Us”

  1. This is yet another amazing creation from Huck. I could not wait, and got it on Amazon. I had my day planned, but did nothing, instead I read it cover to cover :) The way he writes engages the reader so easily, you just can’t let the characters go. I was eating dinner thinking about them, and had to go back and finish the whole story! Bravo Huck.

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