Stömol backstage – my life as a Second Life actress

A great post from co-star Caitlin Tobias about what it was like to be in Stömol!

Cait’s World

In my last blogpost of 2019, I briefly mentioned Stömol, the feature-length machinima by my dear friend Huckleberry Hax, and that I have played a part (or two…three…) in this Sci-fi movie.

People often ask me ‘Cait, what is it like? Being an actress in Second Life?’

Well, to be honest. Nobody has ever asked me that, but I will be happy to share my experiences anyway! So in this blog, I will tell a bit more about my life as a Second Life actress and how it is to work with a brilliant producer like Huckleberry!

What is it like? It is so much fun! And it can be extremely boring. It is exciting, it takes a lot of time and patience and you have to listen very carefully to the director. Huck has the story in his head and he will make sure the actors do…

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