My top ten SL photos (by me) of 2019

It’s time to recycle content again.

2019 has been fairly photography-light for me, with most of my time this year being taken up filming Stömol. That’s not to say I haven’t snapped the occasional pic every now and again, however, and some of them even got a few likes over on Flickr. Here, then, are my top ten most favourited photos of the year.

#1 untitled


Published: April 2019. Current views: 2,554. Current favs: 172.

I took this picture at the time of the Notre Dame fire, and at the SL installation of this centuries old cathedral. I’m very fond of old buildings and I was very sad to see this happening, and went into SL to stand in the Paris sim along with many others who were feeling the same way. I have somewhat mixed emotions about this event now. I remain saddened that this piece of the past has now been destroyed, however in the days that followed a huge amount of money was raised for a possible restoration and it was noted by some that this contrasted somewhat starkly with the Grenfell fire two years previously, in which 72 people died.

#2 Where avatars die


Published: July 2019. Current views: 1,840. Current favs: 165.

I took this picture to accompany this poem, inspired by a conversation about absent avatars with my old SL pal, Canary Beck. The pic took all of about five minutes (the poem considerably longer): I dug out an old version of Huck, slumped him against a wall and adjusted his glasses to make them look wonky. The picture and the poem clearly hit a chord with many SL residents, however, and it’s become my fourth most favourited pic of all time. It still gets favs every now again – some six months after I published it – so by this time next year it might well be higher than that.

#3 It doesn’t look like the picture on Trip Advisor


Published: May 2019. Current views: 1,960. Current favs: 152.

This was a fun pic I took with my friend, Elemiah Choche. We took a follow-up photo at the same run-down motel a couple of days later.

#4 hand-poured coffee


Published: February 2019. Current views: 2,294. Current favs: 143.

This was a lucky snapshot taken of Paradox Ivory and Randonee Noel at Paradox’s Tokyo sim. I thought the sign on the wall declaring ‘hand-poured coffee’ to be pretty funny (is that *really* something to get excited over?) and decided to take a pic. It wasn’t until later that I realised my fiddling with the picture composition had resulted in the sign in question being obscured (you can just about see the ‘coffee’ part). Oh well.

#5 fall


Published: September 2019. Current views: 1,437. Current favs: 141.

An autumn pic taken at Cherishville in September. I saw lots and lots of photos on Flickr taken of this sim, usually with a human subject. I decided to go for something that felt a bit more like a picture postcard.

#6 Sugar


Published: February 2019. Current views: 1,821. Current favs: 125.

This is a picture of one of my very best friends in SL, Ylva, who was in her natural element at the time DJ-ing at Satyr.

#7 flat


Published: January 2019. Current views: 2,524. Current favs: 117.

I published this picture to go with this poem, which I wrote about grief counselling. I spent a long time on the poem, because it was personally significant for me. The picture I took very quickly and I disliked it almost immediately – but published it anyway because I wanted to get the poem out. I still don’t especially like this picture, but lots of people favourited it anyway.

#8 footsteps


Published: March 2019. Current views: 1,668. Current favs: 116.

This was taken at Pino (at the lesser-known back entrance) before drama ensued and resulted in the deletion of this beautiful and very old (and very much-loved) SL nightclub. If you haven’t yet discovered it, the current version of Drune features a very faithful tribute to Pino that’s a must-visit.

#9 A new Avatar Dining Club mystery


Published: February 2019. Current views: 2,131. Current favs: 113.

As the title suggests, I took this picture to accompany the publication of a new story in my Avatar Dining Club mystery series, The Missed Appointment (which you can read here). I took this at Satyr (naturally, during another DJ set by Ylva). A few months later, I published a collection of twelve Avatar Dining Club mysteries, which included two stories that can’t be read on the web for free.

#10 Waiting


Published: November 2019. Current views: 1,258. Current favs: 105.

Taken at Netherwood, this picture of me waiting at a rather neglected station platform represented my very impatient wait to get in to see the new Drune, which has to be my most-anticipated sim opening of the year. It didn’t disappoint, though sadly none of the pictures I subsequently took there made it into my top ten. I did film a lot there for Stömol, however, and a pic I took there did win a prize in the Drune photography contest (streetlife serenade, which you can view here).


One thought on “My top ten SL photos (by me) of 2019

  1. You are one of THE most underrated picture makers in SL, and on Flickr. I for one have missed seeing you post many of the above selection ….makes me wonder what other gems by you – and others – I have missed!

    Note to self: MUST do better in 2020!

    Liked by 1 person

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