One thought
breaks free,
seeking minds,
to be absorbed;
a stray neutron,
fat and heavy:
it penetrates;
it infuriates;
it swells its target.
Click click.
It both angers and reassures.
It is a message about life:
sub-atomic; a grain of rice;
an itch and also a scratch.
It begs its target’s agreement.
It damns its enemies’ dissent.
“Share me,” it demands loudly,
“I am every single part of you.”
Click click click click.
It multiplies to the rattle of advertising revenue,
a symbiotic interaction between wealth and misery.
Onwards, onwards, stealing all the fury it can find,
but always paying back more in lingering rumination.
The thought gets stuck in the minds of its multipliers:
an itch and a scratch, but only the itch stays behind.
It expands. It excites. It adds energy to the system.
It feeds on anger at the absence of innocent things.
It is life and death in a single, unstoppable bubble.
Click click click click click click click click.

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