Ten great pictures of the Nancy Redgrave Building in 2018

It’s been a busy year at the Nancy Redgrave Building. As more and more stuff celebrating the 70s has come onto the marketplace I’ve been able to push its development forward at quite a pace. Also, more and more people are stopping by to take pictures there. This makes me happy.

Here are a few pictures taken there from the past 12 months, all taken from the Nancy Redgrave Building group at Flickr. Click on the pictures to visit the photographer’s flickr page for that pic.

Caitlin Tobias: Nightshift


As one of the NRB’s most frequent photographers, Cait takes her investment in its upkeep very seriously.

Caitlin Tobias: The Lounge

The Lounge

When she’s not busy cleaning, Cait takes stunning photos like the one above. The NRB doesn’t yet have a promotional brochure, but if it did this picture would surely belong in it.

Paradox Ivory: La la la la la

I was delighted that Paradox Ivory paid a visit to the fifth floor hall earlier in the year, risking the leaky roof above (where the building’s swimming pool is located) to take this beautiful black and white image.

Tem Haalan: Meanwhile… back at the office…

Meanwhile... back at the office...

Tem Haalan entered my 70s haven and shone a light on the decade’s somewhat seedy underbelly, throwing in a reference to Ricky Gervais’s ‘The Office’ for good measure.

Sheila Yoshikawa: Making an entrance

Making an entrance

I’d like to apologise to Sheila for the unstaffed reception desk on her arrival at the NRB foyer. A full internal investigation was carried out, and the following evidence came to light…

Minerva Moon: Officeland – Dreaming of 5 O’Clock

Officeland - Dreaming of 5 O'Clock

Yeah, Min thought it was a good idea to post this snap of her not doing any work at her desk in the office area. If you’re interested in the now vacant position of office manager please apply inworld by IM.

Caitlin Tobias: Huck’s Book Launch Party

Huck's Book Launch Party

Back in March, Cait and I put on a launch party in the lounge on the second floor for my AFK compilation, ‘AFK, All of it.’

Joss Floss: 70s office xmas party


The second major event of the year was an office Christmas party, held in the 70s office area on the first floor. Attending with her trusty Instamatic, Joss captured a moment towards the end of the evening, at which point plenty of seasonal sauce had been consumed and inhibitions were running low.

Elemiah Choche: While the cat’s away, the mice will play


Meanwhile, Elemiah Choche snuck into the secret apartment and took this playful pic, bouncing cheerfully on the brand new bed, bought at the Collabor88 ‘Flashback to the 70s’ event. The springs broke almost immediately, though in fairness this was entirely in keeping with the build quality of 70s manufacture.

Huckleberry Hax: Autumn colours

Autumn colours

Can I present here one of my own pics? I believe I can. This is a picture of Dizi waiting patiently for me in the office reception whilst I was busy taking a picture of Dizi waiting patiently for me in the office reception.

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