Five favourite pictures of mine from 2018 that didn’t make the top ten (but I like them anyway)

On Thursday, I published my ten highest rated pictures on Flickr of 2018. Here are a few more pictures from the year – personal favourites – which didn’t quite make that list. Click the pictures to visit the corresponding page on Flickr.

Queen Anne’s Lace (April)

41487036022_e79b97438e_o (1).jpg

Taken at North a few days before its closure, this is probably the most ‘real’ looking picture I’ve ever taken in SL.

I found the phone booth. I found the card. I dialled the number scribbled across the back, just like she told me to. The call was answered after three rings. “Hello Mr Hax,” she said. “You could have worn something smarter.” (July)

41729115450_24abac5cc9_o (1).jpg

I experimented a little this year with miniature stories in the picture title. This was taken at Paradox Ivory’s beautiful Tokyo Street.

Reunited (April)


2018 was quite a special year for me, in that quite a number of past friends who had left SL made a return to the metaverse. At the very top of this list was Dizi, the very first friend I ever made in SL. This photo was taken on our first meet-up inworld for many years.

Blank Tape (January)


Their sales have been decidedly lacklustre, but these mesh cassettes are by far the most complex item I’ve ever made in SL and I still get a warm glow of pride to look at them. On the suggestion of Minerva Moon, I made a valentine’s day ‘mixtape’ special edition – and that sold pretty well.

Rendezvous (March)

40235937815_1e961e1cab_o (1).jpg

Taken at DoX for the DoX Spring Photo Challenge, I was pleased with this picture for its colour, composition and lighting and it remains one of my favourites of the year.


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