My top ten SL photos (by me) of 2018

It’s that time over the year when bloggers and YouTubers the world over start churning out recycled content from the last twelve months, a) because it’s healthy to reflect and b) because there’s only so much original thinking you can do when you’re stuffed full of turkey and mince pies. 2018 was a good year for my SL photography, in which I passed the 1,000 followers mark and took – I think – some of my best pictures yet. Here, then, are my ten highest rated pictures (on my Flickr feed) from the year. Click on the pictures to go to the Flickr pages for them, where you can explore higher resolution versions.

#1 Bike

39882519041_144ebe9f1c_o (2).jpg

Published: January 2018. Current views: 3,430. Current favs: 244.

My entry for the RLD photo contest in January quickly became my highest rated photo to date. I’ve noticed that bicycles seem to feature frequently in popular pictures. Perhaps it’s because they suggest stories. When you see a picture of a bike, you can’t help but wonder who it belongs to and what the owner is doing whilst it awaits their return. I used a maxed out depth of field for this picture, giving the bike and lamppost a solid, three-dimensional feel.

#2 Asleep


Published: May 2018. Current views: 2,102. Current favs: 153.

A picture taken using a doll I discovered, that looked so realistic it became an impulse buy. The lighting and contrast, and the low angle, gives it an especially intimate – almost voyeuristic – feeling.

#3 We should be able to phone from here


Published: February 2018. Current views: 2,151. Current favs: 151.

Another picture that suggests a story. What has happened to the couple? How long have they been walking? What will be said when the phone call gets made. I worked on this picture for some time. I created the jacket slung over my shoulder, an assortment of prims that looks absolutely nothing like a jacket from any angle other than the one you’re viewing right now. Caitlin Tobias, who I’m walking with in the picture, custom-created the pose I’m using.

#4 Landline


Published: June 2018. Current views: 2,584. Current favs: 145.

Homelessness continues to grow in the UK at an alarming rate, and people sleeping rough is now an everyday sight in most towns. In this picture, I wanted to create an image that emphasised the stark isolation of homelessness – but at the same time one that communicated that homeless people are still people with stories, who have (or want to have) connections with others.

#5 Swim at your own risk


Published: June 2018. Current views: 2,048. Current favs: 138.

A fun picture created at the old DoX sim shortly before its closure. I used a high zoom to connect the geese and the sign (they were actually quite a long way away from each other).

#6 Coming home


Published: December 2018. Current views: 1,308. Current favs: 132.

Taken at Missing Melody just a couple of weeks ago, this view has a greetings card feel to it. For me, it’s a capture of rural England in the winter, something I feel a strong sense of emotional connection to. I took this picture almost immediately on my arrival at the sim, this being the view from the landing point.

#7 Empty


Published: April 2018. Current views: 2,292. Current favs: 132.

In April, I took a series of photos to mark the closure of Kate Bergdorf’s sim, ‘North.’ This picture, taken at the derelict swimming pool (a build inspired by the pool used by workers at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant) is actually my least favourite of all of these pictures (the low-res texture of the tiles in the foreground really irritates me), but it ended up being the most favourited by others. What do I know, eh?

#8 Don’t turn around


Published: September 2018. Current views: 1,372. Current favs: 128.

This picture was taken at Little Havana. Once again, a story is suggested by the title. Who is telling the man not to turn around and why? I spent a while getting the composition of this photo just right, using the ‘rule of thirds’ to guide me. The left-side column takes up the entire left third of the picture, with the archway opening placed across the dividing line between the middle and right thirds.

#9 Empty motel


Published: March 2018. Current views: 2,077. Current favs: 128.

Another of the pictures I took to mark the closure of ‘North.’

#10 Two chairs and a view


Published: October 2018. Current views: 1,708. Current favs: 127.

Once of a few pictures taken at Black Bayou Lake, which is a great place for zoomed photos because of its backdrop of leafless trees. This was taken with Ylva.


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