70s Office Christmas party: 7 Dec @ 3pm SLT

70s XMAS PARTY.jpg

Few things capture the forced joviality, drunkenly uninhibited behaviour and subsequent shame, guilt, regret and outright anger at the season than an office party. It’s time to bring this festive tradition kicking and screaming into Second Life, complete with a 70s retro flavour.

To kick off the Christmas Party season, whilst you’re all still in that temporary state of thinking them a good idea, The Nancy Redgrave Building will be hosting its very first, no holds barred Office Christmas Party. Dance to the music, kiss under the mistletoe, make copies of your ass on the Xerox machine, argue in the computer room or engage in some full-on festive fornication: the choice is yours; knock yourself out.

Date: Friday 7 December
Time: 3pm – 5pm SLT
Location: The Nancy Redgrave Building
Music: DJ LAKE (Christmas pop for the first hour; steamy dance music for the second)

Dress suggestion: feel free to come dressed as you like, but the following themes might be fun:

– 70s retro
– Seasonal outfits
– Office wear
– Undies (for the second hour)

Hope to see you there!

Here’s you taxi to the NRB.  Upon arriving, take the teleporter in the entrance foyer to the “Office.”

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