Collabor88 fashion bloggers: here’s a 1970s set for you


I’m a big fan of the 70s aesthetic. Over the years, I’ve been developing my building, The Nancy Redgrave Building, into something of a shrine to this look.

Accordingly, I get rather excited about events like the latest Collabor88, ‘Flashback to the 70s’ (although I really wish we might start seeing some menswear at events like this).

Bought some 70s clothing at the event you’d like to show off in your blog and just can’t find the right backdrop?  Why not pay the Nancy Redgrave Building a visit and take your pictures there? If you post them on Flickr, I’d love it if you could tag me in and add them to my Nancy Redgrave Building group.

The Nancy Redgrave Building has a number of floors. You might be most interested in the office (1st floor), the lounge (2nd floor) and the apartment (hidden in the roof… you’ll have to cam and find a chair to sit on to get in there). There is also a 70s themed roof pool – though it’s a little bit cold out there right now.




Here are a few photos recently posted to the Flickr group.

Union Break
‘Union Break’ by Caitlin Tobias
Retro demaís
‘Retro demais’ by Ella Swing


Autumn colours
‘Autumn colours’ by me

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