Old friend, reformatted


One of the depressingly large number of items on my book management ‘to do’ list is to create a new version of my 2011 poetry compilation, ‘Old friend, learn to look behind you in the coffee queue.’ Created in my Times New Roman days, it needed an overhaul. That item, at least, now has a tick against it.


As well as reformatting the book and adding a new, more crisp cover, I’ve also created purchasable PDF and Kindle versions – for the first time for this title.

The print version will currently cost you £6.99, whilst the PDF costs £1.49 and the Kindle version £0.99 (or whatever that translates to in your own currency). Visit the page for the book here.

One of the reasons I was motivated to finally get this job done is I’m currently working on a second poetry compilation, which I aim to release in the next few months (it needs a few more poems to be written for it first).

That’s all.

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