‘Bicycles’ at DiXmiX gallery

dixmix bikes.jpg

One of my photographs – ‘Bike’ – has been included in the latest DiXmiX group exhibition.  ‘Bicycles‘ also features bike-inspired photos from Calypso Applewhyte, Ornella Batriani, Skippy Beresford, Bliss Bookham, Jimmy Boots, A.DeLauren, Mareea Farrasco, Carisa Franizzi, Gaus, Kimeu Korg, Loverdag, Mich Michabo, Key Monk, Tutsy Navarathna, Mr Noboby, Randonee Noel, Karen Oliven, Anu Papp, Melusina Parkin, Megan Prumier, Grace Rotunno, Dixmix Source, Twain, and Jonda Zabaleta.


On a recent episode of UK TV comedy show, ‘Room 101,’ guest Laurence Fox consigned male Lycra-clad cyclists into the Orwellian vault; meanwhile, host Frank Skinner commented that racing cyclists seem rather to have hijacked the image of cycling, at least in the UK, and lamented the passing of the gentler image that the cyclist used to convey. This exhibition very much embraces that more traditional association of cycling as an unhurried method of transportation to quiet spots and out-of-reach destinations. It’s a beautiful collection of pictures and an inspired choice for an exhibition that shows off SL at its very best.


‘Bike,’ posted in January this year and shown below, was originally an entry in the RLD Photo Contest and has become my most faved photo to date on Flickr. Interestingly, my second most faved photo, ’90 Seconds’ (posted in January 2017 and shown below ‘Bike’) also features a bicycle. I must try to include these in my images more often…

RLD Photo Contest - Bike

90 seconds

See also Inara Pey’s lovely review of the exhibition here.

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