‘No North’ exhibition @ DiXmiX gallery

huckleberry no north flyer dixmix gallery.jpg

In the final three minutes
the sun still casts shadows,
right up to the moment
the button gets clicked.
Close your eyes
and you will miss its passing,
a burning light
that breaks apart pixels.
And the imprint of a mind
enters into memory;
another fading story,
doomed to distortion
until no-one remains
to tell it.


‘No North’ is a collection of photos I took of Kate Bergdorf’s sim, ‘North,’ in the final few days before its deletion. From Sunday 17 June, the pictures will be on display at the DiXmiX Gallery, opening at 1pm SLT (with a DJ set by Lexx). Thank you to dixmix Source for his kind invitation to exhibit.

Take a good look around you. You never know when it will all be gone.

UPDATE 18 June 2018: Thank you to everyone who came to the opening last night. In total I understand 92 people attended throughout the event, which I’m pretty sure is a personal best for me for any sort of launch event.



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