HHAX 70s kitchen


Here you go: a proper 70s aspirational kitchen. You probably never actually saw one of these in your own youth because you had a 60s kitchen that decayed gracefully through the 70s since no-one had any money to upgrade it. Then the 80s came along and your parents got something in stained pine or – worse – beige. This is the sort of kitchen you saw in the Readers’ Digest ads: modern, angular, coloured according to citrus fruits.


This product consists of three units: a central unit with overhead cupboards (3 LI), and a left and right corner unit (each 1 LI). You get all three of these individually plus all three combinations: sink unit + left corner unit, sink unit + right corner unit and a combined all-in-one. Hopefully that will give you enough flexibility to fit the kitchen to your own 70s requirements.


Buy it here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/HHAX-70s-kitchen-units-5LI/14668577


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