1k Flickr followers

‘Bike’ – currently my most ‘faved’ image on Flickr

Yesterday, I finally reached 1,000 followers on my Flickr stream. It’s a milestone that’s taken me about four years to reach. Although I opened my Flickr account in 2010 and posted images to it on and off in the years that followed, it wasn’t really until May 2014 that I started getting into SL image composition, inspired by a visit to The Trace.

The Trace 1
The Trace: as seen in May 2014

The truth is, 1,000 followers on Flickr isn’t really all that big a number. A very considerable number of the people I follow have two or three thousand followers. And then there are the really popular photographers, with followings of ten thousand or more. I get excited when one of my pictures gets 100 ‘faves’ – which almost always takes several days or weeks to happen; to put that in perspective, Kidman Latte, whose pictures I enjoy immensely (and who currently has 9.8k followers), posted a picture today which has already accumulated 220 faves. Then there’s Anouk A with 11.6k followers: her most recent picture today has 600 faves so far. Her most popular picture on her Flickr stream has a staggering 25,000 views and over 1,200 faves.

So I know that a thousand followers is but a ripple compared to some of the waves being sent out by some of these photographers.

Even so, I can’t help but feel I’ve kind of ‘arrived.’

I keep on toying with the idea of writing a more detailed article about the SL Flickr phenomenon, which is kind of a ‘thing’ that I haven’t yet seen scrutinised by anyone. Today isn’t the day to write that, however; today is simply the day to say thank you.

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